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Ghana Reportage is Ghana’s leading public service broadcaster.

Ghana Reportage is Ghana’s leading public service broadcaster. We’re neutral and independent, and every day we create distinctive, world-class programmes and content which inform, educate and entertain millions of people in Ghana and around the earth. Ghana Reportage is Ghana’s leader in online news and information and seeks to update, involve and empower Ghanaians and beyond. We are powered by a dedicated crew in GN bureaus around Ghana. 

We are reporters, creators and technologists, united by a mission to inform, involve and empower the world. We bear eyewitness to history as it unfolds and illuminate not just what occurred, but why, and what it measures to you. Our products and platforms take you to the farthest corners of Ghana and beyond, and they bring Ghana closer to you, bringing content and services that improves your lives, your families and your societies.