The Nigerian government has warned that abusing its citizens in Ghana could have serious consequences.

Mrs. Abike Dabiri-Erewa, Commissioner for Nigerians in Diaspora, said that Nigerians in other African countries should be respected.

She warned that the continent would suffer if Nigeria treated other citizens equally.

She also deplored the accumulation of criminal matters regarding Nigerian citizens.

“If a Nigerian commits a crime, you must deal with that person and not summarize the problem by punishing those who are innocent of the crime,” Ms. Dabiri-Erewa added.

According to him, 994 Nigerians from Ghana have been deported throughout the country in the past 18 months. He made a revelation when he met Nigerian professor Augustine Nwagbara, who was recently released from the University of Education, Winneba for inciting other Nigerians. The Ghanaian and Nigerian people have lived together peacefully for the last three decades, but this understanding seems threatened.

In June, several Ghanaians forced the closure of shops run by Nigerian Magazine traders at Suame.

There was a series of crimes and kidnappings in which the suspects were identified as Nigerians.

The biggest case is still the abduction of three teenage girls in Takoradi in November 2018.

The three have not been found, although the main suspect, identified as a Nigerian citizen, Samuel Wilson Udoetuk, was arrested by police.

In a separate case, six suspects were arrested by police in connection with the abduction of two Canadian girls in Kumasi.

Although the girls had been rescued, three suspects – Sampson Achalor Romeo, Elvis Ogiorve and Jeff Omarsar – were identified as Nigerians.

There have also been cases of five Nigerians who were arrested in Tema for allegedly raping a woman in front of her husband.

The above developments and others involving Nigerians have led to a series of clashes between the citizens of the two countries.

However, peace has recently been restored.

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