The popular comic actor from Kumawood, Oteele, urges his fans to help him settle the financial debt that he has emerged since his marriage.

The actor, who claims that his life has been difficult since his marriage, said he currently has to pay around GHc7,800 before electricity is restored to his residence.

In an interview with Zion Felix, Oteele said he rented a house shortly after his marriage, but the warden has not been paying the electricity bill, even though he has been taking it from the occupants, which caused the ECG company to turn off the electricity supply to their house.


The situation became so bad that some tenants were eventually arrested, the actor said.

He explained that he did not benefit from his marriage, forced him into bankruptcy and then renting the house also got me heavily drained.

According to him, the electricity supply was interrupted for almost two weeks, which made it very difficult for his family, especially his newborn babies, to sleep at night.

Therefore, he appealed to his fans to help him pay off his debt so that the electricity in his home can be restored.

Oteele also asked his good fans to buy him a house in a well-developed community.

The actor made a bond with his old girlfriend in May and the couple has been blessed with a beautiful princess.


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